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Meet Rudy, a playful little reindeer, who faces challenges and discovers the love of Jesus. Let the playful life lessons of Rudy’s stories engage your children’s imaginations in a way that opens doors for conversations about emotions, character growth, and Jesus!

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Rudy's Scared

Rudy, a little reindeer with a big heart, learns about trusting God, when he comes up with an interesting way to show his trust.

This first Rudy Stories book is inspired by the verse Isaiah 41:13, and encourages kids to handle their fear with God’s help.

Teaches Kids to Trust God

Great for Conversations About God is Our Protector & Helper in Times of Fear

Rudy's Home

After reading Rudy’s Scared, many children wanted to know how Rudy came to live with people. In this second book, we learn how Rudy was adopted into his family!

Inspired by Deuteronomy 31:8, this book is a simple and kid-friendly introduction to prayer.

Teaches Kids About Prayer

Great for Conversations About How God Hears Us & About How to Pray

rudy stories Rudy's worried by Wendy Hancock

Rudy's Worried

Rudy is learning to trust God with all his feelings.  He is anxious and worried about going to a doctor, so he won’t admit he is sick. With LoLo’s help, Rudy understands what he feels, why he feels, and something helpful he can do with those feelings. Inspired by Philippians 4:6-7.

Teaches Kids Something to Do With Their Worries

Great for Conversations About the Doctor, Anxiety, and Courage

Rudys stories by Wendy moorhead Hancock Rudys gift Christmas book

Rudy's Gift: A Christmas Story

Rudy and his friends put on a play of the first Christmas, just as he heard it in Sunday school. Later, he receives a very special gift after hearing the message of salvation and why Jesus was born. Inspired by Luke 2:10-11.

Teaches Kids the True Meaning of Christmas

Great for Conversations About Salvation

Rudys stories by Wendy moorhead Hancock Rudys gift Christmas book

Rudy's Egg Hunt: An Easter Story

Rudy’s friend, Lamby, gets upset when she hears a lamb has to be sacrificed for sin. However, Rudy and Lamby learn about the true Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Inspired by John 1:29.

Teaches Kids the True Meaning of Easter

Great for Conversations About Salvation

Rudy's Loved

Rudy’s feeling unhappy because he lost the game and his team called him a loser. He begins to think of all the things he does wrong and becomes afraid that God won’t love him anymore. Rudy asks the big question, “What can I do to make God love me more?” and he learns a beautiful truth. Inspired by Psalm 62:8 and Romans 8:38-39. 

Teaches Kids about God's Love

Great for Conversations About God's Love and Grace