About The Author

Wendy Moorhead Hancock

Wendy Moorhead Hancock is a grandmother and a former school teacher, who loves telling children’s stories. She brought to her Sunday school class a little stuffed reindeer she called Rudy. When it came time to teach the Bible verse, the kids saw Rudy trying to say the verse, getting the words a bit mixed up. The kids had a giggle correcting Rudy while learning the verse accurately themselves. Since the kids loved little “Rudy” so much, Wendy began making up stories about his adventures each week. These stories have become beautiful ways for children of all ages to learn about God as well as life. Wendy wants to help parents have these intentional conversations at home; and she is especially passionate about encouraging little ones to have their own relationship with God by learning that they can talk to Him about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

The Heart Behind the Stories

The lessons Rudy learns are ones I learned after I first became a Christian.

When I was in my 20’s my first husband was in a motorcycle accident and suffered severe brain damage. Through the pain of that experience, I was saved.

The very next year, my two-year-old son and I were burned in an apartment fire. I faced many of the fears and worries Rudy faces, as well as, the joys and excitement of getting to know Jesus.  

Rudy’s lessons come straight from my own life as I began to learn how to walk with God. As I talked with Him, I realized the most important thing of all is simply to be real with Him, just the way children often speak the truth from their hearts. After all, once we believe, we are all called children of God.

Wendy Hancock

Author, Rudy Stories

About The Illustrator

Joel Anderson

Joel was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three, but his diagnosis has not slowed him down one bit! Joel has a passion for art and sharing about Autism Awareness and how to be a friend to adults and kids with autism. His artwork truly comes from his heart, and we are so thankful for Joel’s perseverance in sharing his gifts with children!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create Christian children’s storybooks about how God cares for kids, as they learn about character, emotions and how Jesus can help in their everyday lives. These books will empower any adult who loves children by opening doors for God conversations that help little ones grow.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help children learn to turn to God about everything in their lives and provide a platform for conversations about God.

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