Rudy Stories Christian picture story books.

Rudy Stories, the Christian storybooks about the little Reindeer who loves God.


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 The Author   

Wendy Moorhead Hancock

    I teach a children's Sunday school class at my church.  When it came to learning the verse for the lesson, I brought in a little reindeer stuffed animal who would get the words mixed up - the kids would love correcting him!  They loved little "Rudy",  as I called him, so much I then started making up little stories to help reinforce the lesson message each week. 


          I place Rudy and his pals in little vignettes and take pictures of them on my tablet to show the children.  They love these stories.  After many people encouraging me and after much prayer,  I published my first Rudy Stories book.  I pray your children enjoy reading about Rudy and his love for God.


The Illustrator

Joel Anderson

 Diagnosed with Autism at the age of three has not slowed Joel down. He has persevered through all the hard work of being the best he can be.   Joel has a passion for sharing about Autism Awareness and How to be a Friend to kids and adults with special needs.

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